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Living at Liberty

One of the most dynamic residential communities in the state of Ohio, Liberty Center affords residents the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in the heart of a celebrated center of social and community activity.

Liberty Center Amenities

Liberty Center residents have access to an extraordinary range of community amenities and special services. From exclusive social and philanthropic programs to dedicated pet, wellness and concierge services, Liberty Center is focused on providing its residents with the ultimate in comfort, convenience and connection.

Liberty Center Features

The Grant and The Fillmore are the definition of luxury living. From granite counter tops to stainless steel appliances, residents seeking quality and comfort need to look no further.

Liberty Center Dining

From pizza, pretzels, cookies and coffee to a wide array of comfort food, casual and fine dining, Liberty Center offers an extensive range of options to suit every palate.

Liberty Center Shopping

Anchored by Dillard's and boasting more than 800,000-square-feet of retail, Liberty Center includes a number of state firsts among a diverse blend of outstanding local retailers and national brands.

Liberty Center Entertainment

Whether it's a night out at the movies, comedy club or bar or an afternoon farmer's market, fair or free concert, there is never a shortage of entertainment and experience options to embrace and share at Liberty Center.

Liberty Center Experiences

Memorable and engaging experiential elements are at the core of the Liberty Center experience. The project's design reflects the understanding that experiential environments add unique and enduring value. From living rooms to "living" walls, and from a Children's Discovery Center to parks, programs and possibilities, Liberty Center doesn't just provide an experience - it is an experience.